Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN Frequently Asked Questions

■ About the Event ​■ 

Q: What is the Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN race all about?

​A: The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN is a relay race where a team of 3 to 5 members works together to reach the goal by passing a single ribbon lei (sash) from one runner to the next in sequence.


Q: What is the time limit?​

A: The time limit is set at 4 hours from the start. If a team cannot finish within 4 hours, even during the race, participants should follow the staff's instructions and return safely to the finish area at their own responsibility.​

Q: Is the race timed?​

A: The EKIDEN race will have timing for the overall team and individual runners. Please check the race website for updates. There will be no timing for the 5K Run & Walk and the Kids Challenge.​

Q: Are there awards for placement?​

A: Awards will be given for each category of the EKIDEN race. Please refer to the website for detailed information. There will be no awards for the 5K Run & Walk and the Kids Challenge.​

■ Race Participation​ ​■

Q: How can I enter?​

A: Please register online via the "Entry" section of the race website. Registrations cannot be made over the phone or in person.​

Q: How much is the participation fee?​

A: The fee varies depending on the registration period. Early registration is recommended for better rates. Please check the "Entry" section of the website for details.​

Q: What is the minimum age for participation?​

A: The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN and the 5K Run & Walk are open to individuals aged 7 and above on the day of the event. Participants under 18 years of age require parental consent. The 'OLI'OLI Kids Challenge is open to participants aged 6 to 12 on the day of the event, with parental consent required. Additionally, participants must be able to complete the designated distance on their own (running or walking).​

Q: How many members can participate in a team?​

A: Teams should consist of 3 to 5 members. Since the course is completed five times (approximately 5K each lap), in the case of a 3-member team, the team need to complete 5 laps (members may run multiple laps).​

Q: Can I participate as an individual?​

A: The EKIDEN race requires a team of at least 3 members. Consider participating in the 5K Run & Walk if you are entering as individual.​

Q: When do I need to decide the running order?​

A: You only need to provide the team name and representative information to the race organizers. You can decide the running order on the day of the event.​

Q: Can the participant change before the event?​

A: Participant changes can be made until the day of the event by informing the race office. You only need to provide the team name and representative information to the race organizers.​

Q: If one team member is absent, what do we do?​

A: Since the basic concept is to "pass the sash among 3-5 people," you can still participate. However, in case of a member's absence, another team member will need to run twice or fill it with a substitute runner.​

Q: Is it possible to cancel participation?​

A: If you wish to cancel, please inform the race office. Please note that participation fees are non-refundable.​

Q: What is the schedule for the event day?​

A: The schedule for the event day will be provided on the website at a later date. Please check the "Schedule" section of the website for updates.​

Q: Are we allowed to participate in costume?​

A: We welcome it as long as safety is considered.​

Q: Can we walk the course?​

A: Walking is allowed. Please enjoy at your own pace while considering health and safety.​

Q: Can I use earphones/headphones?​

A: Please refrain from using earphones/headphones for safety reasons during the event.​

Q: Is it possible to participate in a wheelchair?​

A: Yes, it's possible. However, please be aware that the course includes grassy areas and steep slopes. If you have concerns, please contact us.​

Q: Can I use a baby stroller or stroller?​

A: Yes, it's allowed. However, please be aware that the course includes grassy areas and steep slopes. If you have concerns, please contact us.​


■ Other Services​ ​■

Q: Are there changing rooms or bag check areas at the event?​

A: No, there are no such facilities/services. Please make arrangements on your own.​

Q: How can I find out if the event is canceled on the day?​

A: Please check the event website for information. We will also send an email to the team representative.​

Q: Will there be water stations and toilets along the course?​

A: Yes, water stations and toilets will be set up at two points: the relay point and the turning point.​

Q: Is there a shuttle service to the event?​

A: No, there is no shuttle service. Please make your own way to the event.​

Q: Is there parking available?​

A: Paid parking is available at the main venue, Kapiolani Park, and its surrounding areas. However, parking spaces are limited, so we recommend arriving early.​

Q: Will food and drinks be provided at the venue?​

A: We are planning to provide light refreshments (snacks, beverages) at the finish line.​

Q: When will we receive the commemorative T-shirt? Can we specify the size?​

A: Distribution is scheduled to take place the day before the event along with the race bibs. More details will be provided on the website at a later date. Please note that there will be no T-shirt provision for participants in the Kids Challenge.​