Supporting Hawaii's educational facilities and sports programs

JTB Hawaii (event organizer), has decided to donate a portion of the entry fee to local educational facilities and organizations dedicated to promoting sports development in Hawaii. By receiving support from those who support the purpose of the EKIDEN event, we hope to provide more opportunity for people to engage in cross-cultural interactions through sports.

The social responsibility of the JTB Group is to "strive to foster peace and global interconnectedness through the creation of opportunities for meaningful human interaction” which we believe is the very essence of sustainability.

The Honolulu Rainbow EKIDEN aims to contribute to society by creating opportunities for cultural interactions through sports, promoting health, revitalizing communities, and addressing societal challenges.

*For more details on sustainability, please visit our Sustainability page.​

*If you agree with the purpose of the event and wish to support by recruiting event participants, educational institutions, and sports promotion organizations, please contact the event management office here.