Chanson Cosmetics "SUNSCREEN MILK" Giveaway

Additional benefits for all participants of the Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden have been announced.

Chanson Cosmetics, who shares the spirit of the event, has decided to provide allparticipants of the Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden with Reef Friendly SUNSCREEN MILK.

UV absorbers Free

Hawaii have enacted laws prohibiting the sale and use of sunscreens using UV absorbers which have been found to ontribute to the bleaching of coral reefs surrounding the islands.
Chanson Cosmetics does not use any UV absorbing agents in its sunscreen.
It uses only UV blockers which are kind to the skin and friendly to the environment. Already being sold in Japan, Chanson Cosmetics is expanding sales of its sunscreen all over the world.

Developing Organic Certified Products

Chanson Cosmetics is expanding its research and development of products to meet International organic certification such as Ecocert
and Cosmos for its products. Focus is on avoiding genetically modified, pesticide compromised raw materials and incorporation ingredients and materials that would fit our high demands for low tolerance impact on the skin as well as the environment.